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2018 National Conference

Richard Baker and our new team member, Diana Colmenares, attended the 2018 Commonwealth National Conference in Austin, Texas, at the beginning of November. The event drew nearly 2,000 affiliated advisors, staff, guests, and sponsors from across the nation. Networking, learning, and sharing took place, as well as some fun activities. We visited the Circuit of The Americas (aka COTA) which has hosted many great car races, action sports, and music events since 2012. We had the opportunity to ride with a race car driver around the 3.41-mile racetrack at real race speed, but Richard passed it up; he is not a fan of speed.

Please click here to read the 2018 Commonwealth National Conference press release.

To elevate in this ever-changing world means to keep stepping on the next rung of the infinite ladder of learning, not just for the knowledge itself, but to apply it in practice,” Baker said after attending the conference.